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About Dan

Dan is available for lessons, clinics, consultation, and training at his home facility or yours. Dan is proud to be located at the Brookwood Equestrian Center in Bishop, Georgia.

Dan had the opportunity to grow up working on his family’s cattle farm in southeastern Missouri. By the age of 15 , when his family moved to Georgia, he was starting colts and working both horses and cattle for 2 large farm operations. Dan has gained a reputation of being able to solve problems and help horses that are difficult to handle, or that have behavioral or physical issues. His desire to help horses find peace and harmony with their  owners is evident in the time, patience and care he provides to each horse that he has the opportunity to work with.

Dan’s interest in developing performance horses and maintaining sound horses and riders led to the development of programs used to analyze Equine gait characteristics and human biomechanics . His gait analysis program is now used across the world by top Universities, Veterinarians, farriers, trainers, and riding instructors and has allowed for the incorporation of an entirely new upper level undergraduate and graduate course in equine biomechanics at the University of Georgia.

Having  a diverse background growing up riding all types of horses has helped him to develop his own unique approach to horses and people. Dan is now introducing both horses and riders to his latest approach to riding and training which he calls ” The Lightness Method”. Riders and horses at every level are experiencing great success with his style of training and educating and realizing the enjoyment of being on a journey of lightness with their horse. The Lightness Method not only creates a foundation for versatility in a horse but it also provides a road map to understand how to produce a top level performance horse.

Dan invites you to join him in his own journey of horsemanship.

Lightness represents what I wish to accomplish with every horse that I work with and to teach every rider that I coach. The feel of lightness and balance in a horse to me is the greatest reward that a horse and rider can ever experience together.

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